Saturday, January 17, 2009

Why Knitting From Stash is Better Than Buying Yarn

1. You are less likely to become known to the moth community as THE place to be.

2. All those rubber tubs and boxes could be used for something else.

3. It's like living in your own private yarn store where shoplifting is allowed

4. Other knitters will admire and fear you

5. It will shock your spouse

6. You can use all that shopping time as extra knitting time

7. We are no longer artificially inflating the demand in the yarn market. Look what happened to real estate, after all.

8. Think of the liability if your stash fell on someone and smothered her.

9. The longer you put off facing those 80s fluorescent acrylic yarns the worse it will get

10. It's too hard to catalog it all for homeowner's insurance

11. Some people have closets that hold things BESIDES yarn. (I know! Go figure...)


bittenbyknittin said...

I'll make a deal with you: if you donate the fluorescent acrylic from the 80's to Goodwill, I will do the same with the FunFur in my stash!

Qutecowgirl said...

Really Closets are not for Yarn!!!!!!!!!! (or other craft stuff)

; )

tinebeest said...

Love nr. 7 :-) Are you sure your public confessions of going cold sheep will not turn against you when the yarn market collapses?

Janet said...

Hey Abby and Toni,
Instead of Goodwill, check for local groups that crochet or knit blankets for the homeless, or retired soldiers, etc. They are always looking for donations. I am looking to do this from my own stash of "unwantable yarns", lol

RobinH said...

Yep, I'm admiring and fearing over here!

And I think it's a bad sign when I start thinking about going to the store and buying yarn I'm not going to knit for a while thinking, 'but I don't have near as much yarn as Toni, surely it won't be a problem'.