Friday, January 23, 2009

First "Project of the Month" Done!

This morning while Theo took one of his naps, I finished Ice Queen.It's the first of the Project of the Month bags, and even though it's actually a fairly small project, I was afraid I'd be rushing to finish it on the last day of the month. Not that I don't like the pattern, but beading is a bit fussy, and the edging was very fussy, so it got a little tedious at times. I'd make it again--and in fact, I think there's another one in one of the remaining project bags--but it won't ever be a true favorite pattern.

I have enough quilt blocks done to see how the pattern is going to lookand I'd say it's okay. Not my favorite, but I wanted something fast that I could finish early in the year. Originally I was going to use a white solid along with the red and green solids, but once I had all the strips cut and laid outI thought the solid white made it look a little too much like an Italian restaurant. Not that that's a bad look or anything, but I was thinking a little more Santa and a little less Santa Lucia. So, I took out the solid white and substituted the patterned white, and now the color pattern really don't make that much senseOn the one hand, I was really proud of myself for using material from my quilting stash (didn't know that one existed, did you?). On the other hand, it's really frustrating to know that I have a certain yardage of material and there is no way to get any more of any of the prints. I can certainly see why crazy quilts became popular--probably cut down on alcoholism in quilters.

And in other shocking news,22 days after I placed the order, the box from finally arrived. My goodness. I hope all that dizzying speed didn't strain their resources or anything.

And......We tried the front yard on the leash today!

I think Theo found it a bit too we went back through the house and into the backyard, which was fine by me. I know quite a few of our neighbors and honestly wasn't too excited about being seen walking a cat on a leash. My friends know I have no real dignity of course, but I still have hopes of total strangers.......


Daniele said...

OMG - How cute is theo in the little harness!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of doing the Ice Queen, too, even bought yarn sometime last year from for it, but haven't yet cast it on. Not for me the beads, though. Just too fussy. At least on the first one... which would be my first serious lace project anyway. And that's quite enough challenge for one project, doncha think?