Saturday, December 27, 2008

I May Be In Trouble

For Christmas, my very thoughtful brother and sister-in-law sent me this:
A drop spindle! I was going to turn the picture so it was vertical, but then it occurred to me that I know so little about spinning that I didn't know which way was up, and this
an alpaca fleece in a marvelous hot chocolate-y brown! The alpacas are raised near their home in Colorado, which made me finally resort to looking up what an alpaca actually is. I know the yarn and everything--I'm on my third alpaca sweater--but aside from knowing that whatever the animal was it was darn warm, I had no idea. It turns out that they're a bit like a llama only smaller. I am quite excited--and not just about finally knowing what an alpaca is. I don't know if it's the idea of learning more about fiber or just my need to do everything the hard way, but I have already requested several books on spinning from the library! Could this be a new stash about to be born......?

In other knitting-gift news, Andy gave me this for Christmas
which I read in one sitting and laughed my head off. I actually don't read Franklin's blog, but I do love his cartoons. LOVED the book!!!!

if I can just finish it by Wednesday I'll have used 116 balls and just under 19,000 yards of yarn for 2008! Is it a bit strange that I find the tally more exciting than having the actual scarf?????