Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's 7:00 on Sunday Night...

....and there are bell peppers dehydrating, jalapeno and Anaheim peppers roasted and transferred to the freezer, our breakfast meusli is mixed and chilling in the fridge (I'm having a "channeling Martha" kind of weekend), and now I have:

The sleevea British mystery from the library

and Theo,
who really finds knitting dull and boring until the washing & blocking process.

RobinH is catching up to me in the sleeve category, so it's competitive sleeving time!!! (I'm really not this much of a child--I just play one on the internet)

And just so you don't all think I have done nothing at all with my weekend, the Christmas gift bags are done and washed and just waiting for me to find better drawstring material than the gold ribbon. Black ribbon maybe?
2 more fabric yards to the tally!!!

(And very good eye RobinH! Those were indeed the Fruity Pebbles socks. Don't they just make you want to get on a sugar high and watch Saturday morning cartoons?)