Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Well, Obviously I Was In Shock

Last night, in the sheer ecstasy of having new yarn, I pulled out the shawl, sat down with the new yarn and
I honestly forgot it would need to be wound. Obviously the shock of A.) being able to buy anything at all after the 90-day spending ban and B.) getting to buy yarn at ALL addled my brain entirely. Good thing it wasn't a 6-month spending ban. I'd be a talking monkey by now.

So tonight I came home and wound the new yarn (the thrill does have to last me another 4 months, remember) andended up back with Andy's sweater because that little ball of yarn on the side is almost used up and might even be able to be added to the tally tonight.

Entering the 9th month of The Year of the Stash, that little tally is the only thing keeping me going at this point--especially since there really is no visible dent in the stash. Maybe a dimple, but definitely no dent.

Back to that ball!!!!!