Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Almost Halfway!

I have just used up the 6th ball of yarn (out of 14) on Andy's sweater, so I think I'm about 40% done--or in a lot of trouble as I only have 14 balls of yarn. I'm still loving the pattern, and it's nice to be working with 100-meter skeins instead of 200-400, but the monotony monogamy is getting to me. There's a really luscious teal alpaca over in the closet that is SERIOUSLY trying to waylay my WIP marathon, but I close my eyes and knit on. Which probably explains the frogging I had to do tonight.

Note to self: You are only talented enough to do stockinette or garter stitch with your eyes closed.


RobinH said...

That pushy teal alpaca can just wait its turn- the sweater is looking gorgeous!

Is that a pattern of purl bumps on a stockinette ground, or are there K2/M1 pairs to get the pattern going at angles like that?

(Still experiencing stash envy over here- even though having that much unknit yarn in my house would probably make me twitch!)

RobinH said...

Also, is that Theo I see at the top of the picture?

Daniele said...

oh! Teal alpaca? really?