Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Mohair Is Winning

Last night I just couldn't bring myself to face the mind-numbing-endless-abyss that is the mohair edging, so I spent a little time with Sitcom Chic:

And the Top Secret project:which is safe to photograph for a while as it is still in "amorphous blob" stage and could be anything--sort of like knitting in general.

I don't want to get distracted from finishing the Lady's Circular Cape after having come this far, but I just couldn't face the mohair again. To put things in perspective, I dug this out:

Many of my friends cross-stitch and they absolutely rave about it--how relaxing it is, how enjoyable it is, etc. I can actually see how it can be relaxing--there is something very soothing about doing little thread x's all over a piece of material. What I don't get is how there are ever finished cross stitch projects. It takes forever. I worked on this thing for at least half an hour and do not even have a square inch to show for my efforts.

Know who was looking pretty good by then?
7 1/2 swoopies now!

Toni is back in control! And talking to mohair.....that's probably not a good sign.....


J.P. said...

I used to cross stitch a few years ago. It was fun, but you are so right about it taking forever to finish! Keep truckin' on yours because it is going to look great!

RobinH said...

The trick is to do *small* cross-stitch projects...

Anonymous said...

I cross stitch as well. I've never used the black fabric before, though. Is it harder to see the "x's"? I'm working on a zebra, LOTS of black and white.

Thanks for showing the surprise project. More purple! :)

Daniele aka

AlisonH said...

I not only talk to my yarn, sometimes it talks back.