Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oh Dear.....

Today while waiting in the drive-through of my regular coffee place, I worked on the Fling scarf--which is the only scarf I've ever made that I wanted to keep. It's sparkly, it's fun, and there are tons of things it would go with. When I got to the window, the server was a girl I've gotten to know fairly well, and she LOVES the scarf. She even wanted to feel it (I think sparkly things have that effect on people).

I'm never going to be able to keep this scarf now, darn it. She's just a great young lady and she's working to put herself through college, and it would TOTALLY make her day. If I don't give it to her, I'd always wish that I had, and I don't like those sorts of regrets.

So, let's hear it for Random Acts of Knitterly Kindness! As Alison put it, RAKK 'em up!!!


RobinH said...

Ah well- when the year of the stash is over, you could always make yourself one- and still feel good about having given the first one away.

(I gave away a scarf I knit out of yarn I really disliked- and then felt guilty when the recipient was delighted, because I'd really only knit it to get rid of the yarn... )

Anonymous said...

So, now, a year from now, how would you most be enjoying that scarf?

If it helps any, the projects I make that I most love, I quite often, as I'm knitting, go, this one is for me. No, really, this one IS for me. And then once it's done, very occasionally that turns out to be true. More often, it doesn't--it's like (at least for me) it's somehow easier to let go of once it's done. But it's okay to have it be for you, whether that's just while you're knitting it or throughout its existence.

Besides, you never know when ogling someone else's scarf is going to kick-start the person into taking knitting lessons herself.