Thursday, April 3, 2008

Works In Progress Month

I never learn.

I decided to total up all my lace yarn "just to see"......... 46,000 yards! I don't know that I needed to see that in all honesty. Knitter's Fantasy Land is a fun place to live--everything is possible, all patterns will work out, and there's always something soft nearby.

Undeterred, since I was considering making April the "Works in Progress" month, I decided to find all my WIPs and just see how many I really have. (See how little I've learned?)

My knitting Works In Progress

Oh my! And with a tape dispenser for size reference, as the cats either fled or are buried:

On the positive side, finishing at least a few of these will count toward stash depletion. On the not-so-positive side, there is a sewing version of the WIP pile, which even I am not fool enough to photograph. But back to the positive side, I found many of my rosewood needles!


Dawn ;) said...

Congrats on your shrinkage. ;) Your post made me laugh b/c it reminds me of the stash chapter in Yarn Harlot's book "Secret Life of a Knitter." You can do it ~ I know you can or at least you will give it a gallant effort.

Fellow SALer ;D

Jill said...

I have all these empty bags that Addi turbos belong in but I swear I don't have THAT many WIPs. I have a feeling I would be shocked if I made a pile of all my projects. You are far braver than I am!

toni in florida said...

Holy cow! I don't know if I'm appalled or impressed, maybe a little of both? It stresses me out to start too many things at once, as each item feels like a child or a pet and it makes demands on me until it's finished. And piling them all together like that? Aren't you a little nervous that they might start organizing and, I dunno, take over or something??

Abby said...

HA! You need an intervention! Like toni in florida, having too many WIPs or even too much yarn feels like a burden, heavy obligations, more items for the endless to-do list. But I do have to fight the urge to cast on just one more project. Right now it is a scarf in Sea Silk. Must. Finish. Baby. Burp. Rag. First.

AlisonH said...

Okay, here's how you cheat: I did it with a spinning wheel, but you can do it with simply knitting and then, if you want, felting it up a bit after to melt the strands together so they don't snag. I spun some laceweights into a 4-ply yarn, closer to a knitting worsted, although the finished yarn tends to run towards the flat and limp side rather than big and puffy (depending to some degree on needle size). You can use up a lot fast that way!

Said the woman who got 7000 yards/lb brown cashmere from a wholesaler closing out, for $15/lb, several years ago. Ten pounds.