Saturday, March 15, 2008

There's a lot to be said for big needles...

The "Cheap Thrills" sweater is progressing--the back is done

and so far the front is progressing without incident. I still haven't figured out how I shifted the pattern over by one stitch on the back, but so far I haven't done it on the front, so whatever I did it was totally my fault & not the pattern's. Rats--it's so much better for my ego the other way.

Partially because I needed a new "stop light" project, which by definition has to be simple & easy to pick up and put down, and partly because the pile of yarn used from the stash was looking small and pathetic, I started a simple blanket using Lion Brand's Thick & Quick Chenille. When it's finished, this will be out of the stash
which is much more gratifying than the little balls of laceweight yarn. The blanket will be a present for one of my nephews, so I'm not JUST doing it for the April stash-depletion picture, but you will notice there aren't a lot of baby sweaters with size 2 needles this year...

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