Monday, March 31, 2008


Drum roll please......

It's the end of the first quarter of The Year of the Stash, and this

has been used up. (Well, okay--obviously not this exact yarn & fabric, since I couldn't take the picture that way, but this volume).

19 yards of fabric

and 37 skeins (5061 yards) of yarn.
Look--it almost completely fills the laundry basket!

This is easily the most excitement I've ever gotten out of a laundry basket, but since a load of whites was the previous front-runner, it wasn't exactly a challenge.

Still, 3 months and my stash has actually shrunk!!! I haven't added ANYTHING to it!!!!

I promise, it isn't smugness--it's shock. It's amazing what a woman can be driven to when she runs out of closet space...


toni in florida said...

Congrats on your progress! Hope your LYS doesn't have an irresistible sale any time soon... unless that's what you want, of course.

RobinH said...

LOL! Very impressive! (I love the Excel spreadsheet BTW and calculating your yardage- *so* much more impressive in miles of yarn!)

J.P. said...

That is an impressive accomplishment that is all kinds of rewarding! Congrats!