Friday, March 28, 2008

3 days left in the month!

And Cheap Thrills may not make it.

I've been working on the seams, and they could get there, but the collar has hit a snag. It turns out that I don't own any size 10 double-pointed needles. Or size 9 or size 10.5. How it is possible for there to be not one size, but three sizes of needles that I don't own will forever remain a mystery--like the whole socks-eating dryer thing.

The Fruity Pebbles socks are progressing.

But the unscheduled knitting is getting most of my attention:

Whether it's because of the pattern, the softness of the alpaca, or because it isn't what I "should" be working on, I am obsessed by this sweater! Just in case it is some compulsive need to do what I shouldn't be doing, I'm going to find a way to convince myself that I absolutely SHOULDN'T vacuum tomorrow.....We'll see what happens!


toni in florida said...

Do let us all know how that works out. The allure of the forbidden only seems to work at my house when it's really forbidden. Sigh!

Kathleen C. said...

Really! I'll have to try convincing myself *NOT* to dust, vacuum, fold laundry, clean dishes, rake leaves, mend clothes...