Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Year of the Stash - Day 24

The original plan was to have two projects a month--one knitting and one sewing--and by concentrating on one project at a time, I would have more finished projects and fewer Works in Progress.

I'm sure that plan would work, just perhaps not for me.

On day 24 of the Year of the Stash I have come to a realization--if I can make it an entire year without adding to the stash, it doesn't really matter HOW I make it the entire year. So, while I am still suffering through the never-ending garter stitch edging,

(Trust me--it's more mind-numbing than it looks), and the bizarre tie-dye shawl,

I have started a poncho for my sister's birthday.

Sticking with my regular habit of being totally divorced from reality when it pertains to my hobby, her birthday is in about 3 weeks. There is a chance, though, as it's worsted weight wool and size 11 needles. A slim chance, granted, but if I weren't generally delusional about knitting, how much fun would the blog possibly be?

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Karen said...

Love the bizarre tie dye shawl! Can you tell I am a sucker for color? I like how the color shifts seem to flow from one to another, and how it is not patchy looking at all.

How about more details on the lace that is going to take 5 skeins? I am all for that!