Sunday, December 2, 2007

How I Spent My Weekend

Fishing the shrug--involving MILES of ribbing:

Finished my homework for quilting class tomorrow night. THANK HEAVENS THERE IS ONLY ONE MORE CLASS!!! Nothing wrong with quilting, but this little baby quilt already represents close to 26 hours of my life. And there is still more to do! *Sigh*

And in time to be this week's Secret Santa gift:

Mr. Flurry. Who would be part of an entire colony if I had spent the same 20+ hours working on him.

Obviously, no one should be expecting quilts for Christmas....ever.


Mandy said...

The shrug is beautiful! All that ribbing must have been rather difficult to cope with - its something I hate doing.
I do like the quilt. Yes, they do take rather a lot of time to do. Are you hand-quilting or machine quilting this one? I presume you are machine piecing.
The little snowman figure is delightful!

EZ Knitter said...

Hi, I just came from my blog and noticed u liked the aran isn't is EZ's original..the one Meg and her made in the video Knitting Around and the dvd for the aran coat. I went to the mini camp in sept and Meg Swansen took us back to SHP and we got to go in the sweater vault and try anything on we cool. However, i did get my yarn for swatching my aran coat that I have been designing...will post to my blog..
I am now also working on the KAL with Meg ...the Christmas stocking.